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1/72 Nap. Austrian progress notes.

1/72 British Dragoon test shots.
Painted Roman Legio V.
Painted Hannibal's Carthaginians.
Painted Celtic Cavalry.
Painted Macedonian Army.

1/72 British Dragoon sizing.
Version2 1/72 7YW Austrian sprues.
1/72 WWI Italian sizing and makeups.

More painted 7YW Austrians.
Painted Swedish Cuirassiers.
Painted Nap. French Infantry.
More Quatre Bras pics.
More Colonial wagon pics.
ACW pics.

WWI Portuguese Infantry contribution by Francisco.

Scans of WWI Italian Heavy Weapons.
Sizing adjustment for ACW figures.
Sizing adjustment for British Dragoons.

Painted ACW prototypes.

Suggest some restocks for the next batch

A1009 restocks in preparation.
1/72 7YW Austrians sizing.
List of remaining master figures.

Your opinion on ACW figures is requested!
A look at Prussian ammo caisson and limber.

ACW marching set opinion question.

Questions about American War of Independence sets here!
Questions about 1/32 sets here!
Questions about 28mm sets here!
Questions about 1/32 command options here!

Napoleonic Austrians or Hungarians? Vote here!
Napoleonic Austrian/Hungarian questions Your opinion!

A look at 7YW Austrians
Voting for makeup of 7YW Austrians

A1006 A1009 A10xx
New items
Plus restocks
New items
Plus restocks
New items
Plus restocks
In process In process In process

Crowdfunding 1/72 British Dragoons Crowdfunding 1/32 7YW Austrians Crowdfunding 1/72 ________ ______
1/72 British Dragoons
Light and Heavy sets
Bonus figures for crowdfunders
1/32 7YW Austrians
Fusilier, Grenadier and Command sets
1/72 ________ ______
___ per set
Bonus figures soliciting
Approved Approved Future

All status and dates subject to change.

Marching through time

Pacific Coast Company is a producer of 1/72 and 1/32 scale soft plastic and 28mm hard plastic military miniatures and pre-painted 60mm metal miniatures. We strive to design authentic figures of various historical armies suitable for the collector, wargamer or hobbyist. Their uniforms are carefully researched and they look just like miniatures of their real life counterparts. This website is not a listing of product availability. It is informational and only show the list of products past, present and future.

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